Our Story

Here at Bee Organic we make everything in our shop in Oxford, Michigan by ourselves! We use Extraordinary Ventures Michigan (Employ adults with Autism) to label our products. We developed the formulas and are in control of every aspect of our business from start to finish.

We're in love with nature's ability to heal and sustain the body's natural glow. With that in mind, we crafted a product that allows us to share our love for organic skincare with you, your friends, and your family.

We hold our customers in the highest regard, and thus we're transparent about where we source our ingredients from and how our products are produced. Furthermore, we believe in simplicity, thus we only use products found in nature, with names you'll be sure to recognize.

We stand firm on our commitment to use only organic ingredients that are derived from nature in their purest forms. Chemicals, preservatives, parabens, and dyes? Those aren't for us, so we never include them, or any other toxins, in our products. We like to keep our skincare clean, and easily accessible, so we also made sure it was gluten free, GMO free, cruelty free, and marked for fair trade.

Have questions about our products? We'd love to chat with you. Shoot us a message anytime, anywhere, anyplace. We're always willing to listen, and we're always willing to discuss the benefits of organic skincare.