About Us

A vision for the future 

Part of Amanda and Ryan's vision for Bee Organic was a healthy and affordable skincare and candle line for everyone to enjoy.  One that does not pollute your home with "fragrance" and chemicals and one that when applied to your skin has nothing but benefits without any risks.

Organic ingredients are the only ones that accomplish this feat because there are no chemicals used in the processing or production of any of our ingredients. That is from the farms, field and forests where the ingredients are grown, down to the processes that we use to blend them all together. Many companies use cool, fun, and convenient plastic packaging, but Bee Organic won't touch it. Amanda and Ryan would rather be able to guarantee that there are no chemicals leaching into Bee Organic products by packaging them in glass, paper, and tin.

There is so much more to it - Autism

Amanda and Ryan work hard to keep all aspects of life in perspective when designing and creating Bee Organic products, but there is so much more to it that using the best ingredients. We are committed to going the extra mile and embracing everything and everyone for who they are and what they can and want to do.

Amanda had the opportunity to meet a special man named Don Reid. He is the director of the Michigan chapter of Extraordinary Ventures known as EVM. Don and his team create employment opportunities for differently able adults, many of whom have been diagnosed with Autism. We have learned that people with Autism are gifted individuals that are often pleased by accomplishing tasks that are repetitive. They will plan ahead and make sure that everything is counted and in place, and go to work. Amanda saw a future for Bee Organic and EVM. Bee Organic now subcontracts all of its product labeling to the trusted work of the EVM adults with Autism. We are proud of the work that they have done and we will continue to work with EVM into the future. We are great partners and great friends.         

 How Bee Organic came to Bee
     During my first pregnancy, I was on the hunt for an organics stretch mark cream. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one that was free of preservatives and additives but still smelled good. During my extensive search, I learned that 60% of chemicals in skin products are absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream. Many of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, tumors, and numerous other dangerous or "side-effects".

My husband and I have an inquisitive young daughter that puts everything in her mouth, so the safety of the skin care products I have around the house is extremely important to me. I started researching the safest, most effective organic raw ingredients for skin care during my second pregnancy but no existing product seemed acceptable. So, I decided to make my own. Through extensive trial and error I finally developed something I was happy with: a product that both smells and feels wonderful and at the same time is good for you and your skin. Plus, it's safe if ingested and 100% organic.

After sharing some of my first skin-care products with friends and family, I knew I had something special. They loved the products and wanted more. Based on their feedback, I developed more products and decided to make them available to everyone.

I am very proud to have my Bee Organic products available to the public through stores and online. We work with retail businesses large and small.

I know that you will enjoy these wonderful Organic products as much as my friends and family have. Thank you for your kind support.
Bee Organics Founder & Creator